Shit Real Estate Agents Say To Get You To Hire Them #3: I Work at a Very Impressive Brokerage

The Conscious Group - Sh*t Agents Say - Post 3

The Conscious Group - Sh*t Agents Say - Post 3

(Another Sweary Real Estate Post by Allison Parks)

Note: This is the third post in a series.  

You should hire me because I work at ___________ brokerage.

When I first started out in real estate, I went on a date with one of the top-selling real estate agents in Denver, because he was kind of cute and I wanted to see if I could glean any useful real estate information from him. He was more than happy to talk about himself and his successes at length…

At the time, he worked for Coldwell Banker. He told me that when potential clients interview him, he sells himself by touting that he is employed with Coldwell Banker, because they are a successful nationwide company that has been around for 100 years.


Here’s the thing… Yes, Coldwell Banker is a successful nationwide company that has been around for 100 years… but this has nothing to do with the quality of his work or his competence as an agent. He’s just blowing hot air, because he’s a Slimy Salesperson. Coldwell Banker, like any major franchise real estate company, has some amazing franchises and some terrible franchises. They will have some amazing agents and some terrible agents. Same goes for Keller Williams. Same goes for Re/MAX. Same goes for Sotheby’s. You get the point…

Fantastic Agents work at a shitty brokerages, Problem Agents at fantastic brokerages, and a bunch of average agents breathe the recycled air at a variety of brokerages.

When agents sign on with a brokerage, the brokerage takes a (typically significant) portion of their earnings for training, office space, and so forth and the brokerage turns a profit from these agents. More agents at a brokerage generally means more money for the brokerage. As such, many brokerages will hire just about anyone, because they want the cut of their money. That’s how brokerage owners get rich. That’s how they expand statewide or nationwide. That’s how they exist for 100 years.

Truth: Coldwell Banker is not a real reason to work with someone. Knowledge, competence, skill, and giving a shit are all real reasons. (I’m not dissing on Coldwell Banker, but I am dissing on agents who can’t give their potential clients a real reason that they should choose to work with them.)


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