Denver’s Suburbs: A Real Estate Guide from Locals (Part One of Many)

If you’re renting in Denver, and currently want to buy a home, you may be looking a little outside city proper because of the home price difference. And, if you’re moving here from somewhere else, like so many are, you might want to think about the ‘burbs. They have a lot to offer, and a lot to save, money-wise. Here is a little information on three of Denver’s most livable west and northwest suburbs.


Lakewood, Colorado


Lakewood was the destination for Denver’s wealthiest families to have their summer homes (er mansions), and farms. As urban sprawl crept, Lakewood was developed into a metropolis. Now, the city is actually putting up signs to differentiate it from neighboring Denver and it has truly been coming into its own in the last 30 years. It is suburban, but about 15 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from the foothills. This perfectly situated town offers many homes built from the 1950’s to present, including new construction, condos, and townhomes, yet Lakewood offers one more feature: mid-sized homes and more reasonable prices. It is not uncommon to find a home here for $350,000 (duplexes at $250,000), whereas in Denver, you would only be able to secure a condo (possibly), at the price of a home.


Arvada, Colorado


Did you know that the town of Arvada was named after a small island off the coast of Syria? Because of the leading citizen (Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth) and his wife’s decision to honor her brother-in-law, Hiram Arvada Haskin, Arvada got its name. The town originally was an afterthought from the failed gold finds in Denver, but became a strong agricultural community in time. Even now, it is “off the grid” from Denver, just a few miles north of the city, but enough to be called a “suburb.” And it’s a lovely one. With a unique downtown area, the historic “Olde Town”, it has an artsy vibe. The rest of the town consists of homes built from the 1950’s on up to new builds and even some farm land! With many reasonably sized homes in the offerings, so again, this suburb wins as far as price and size of home go – especially since you can reach downtown Denver in 20 minutes or have easy access to I-70 to get up to the mountains.


Westminster, Colorado


Just west of Arvada, we hit Westminster, another moderately priced (compared to the area) suburb. It does not have the cute downtown like Arvada, or shopping and dining center like Belmar in Lakewood, but living in Westminster means you are closer to halfway to Boulder (being next door to Broomfield). You would also be at a deluxe center of traffic avoidance being in the NW corner of the main highways. You are able to hop onto 36 to get to either the mountains or airport quite easily, or head to Boulder for a day trip in just over a half an hour or so. Getting downtown is about a 15 minute drive. It’s a great location, and homes at prices around $450K – $650K are available.


Finding a Home in the Denver Suburbs


Finding a home for sale in the Denver suburbs is easy. Just click here to start browsing. And, consider getting matched with an agent so that we can guide you as locals. We often compare real estate to dating, where we help you find that perfect home, taking into consideration all of the possibilities.


If you’ve been discouraged by Denver prices, consider setting an appointment with one of our agents to talk about the suburbs. Unlike other large cities, our suburbs are quite close to the center. One day, the “suburbs” will truly be a part of the whole, so getting into a home there now will help you start building your equity, which by all predictions, the market is set to continue increasing for all size homes in these areas.