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Front Range Homes for Sale in Colorado | Let’s Explore!

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Living in the Front Range near Denver can be a beautiful escape to call home.


Living in Denver has its pluses (and minuses). You get the urban environment, city life, and amazing views of the mountains beyond.


This might be enough Front Range life for you, or, if you’re seeking more solitude and nature, head just up the hills a bit and you’ll find a few gems of “cities” including: Evergreen, Conifer, Kittredge, Pine, and Pine Junction.


There are even more smaller towns, but typically when searching for front range homes for sale near Denver, most people end up there. Want to see deer and elk grazing in your lawn every morning? These are the spots for your home search.


Houses for Sale in Conifer, Colorado


Conifer, Colorado is located about 15 miles southwest from the outskirts of Denver. This makes it about a 45 minute or 1-hour drive to get from a home in Conifer to Downtown Denver. (And, it’s a beautiful, scenic one too.) Conifer was once home to the Arapaho, Ute and Cheyenne Native American tribes. Then in the late 1800’s, roads were carved and pioneers searching wealth and a homestead of their own began to make way into the area.


Nowadays, Conifer is a quiet, mountain town, still unincorporated, in Jefferson County. It’s a quiet life with beautiful mountain flowers, wildlife, and many hikes and outdoor recreation areas. At 8,000 feet, it is a bit higher altitude than Denver at 5,280 feet, yet still retains an amazing record of sunshine with an average of 255 sunny days per year. Home types vary, from luxurious mountain properties, to single family homes, as well as townhomes and condos. The median price for houses in Conifer is around $300,000, yet ranges widely depending on your preferences. Browse Conifer Homes for Sale.

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Living in Evergreen: Single Family Houses to Luxurious Cabins


Just north of Conifer is the larger city of Evergreen where there are more shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Evergreen, Colorado is the largest of the near-Denver front range mountain towns. Located right off 1-70, Evergreen is a breeze to get to from Denver and even has public transportation to get you down into town when needed. As with all Front Range, higher elevation towns, you’ll want to make sure you have a vehicle or plan for heavy snow and weather during winter months. Yet, similarly to Conifer, Evergreen enjoys a majority of sunny days per year, and because it is only 3,000 or so feet higher than Denver, it still has a temperate climate during the Spring, Summer and Fall.


Homeowners in Evergreen can expect wildlife, a small town lifestyle, art and local craftsmen, coffee shops, local watering holes, yoga studios and a health-minded community. Front Range life is slower than the urban center of Denver just about 30 – 45 minutes away, yet still offers access to the city should you desire it’s amenities. Many Evergreen houses for sale are priced a bit more competitively than Denver-area homes for sale, which have skyrocketed in recent years.


The bonus of living in the Front Range? Land! You’ll usually be able to find more privacy than you would in Denver, sharing it occasionally with a docile (typically!), bear, moose, deer or elk. The views are incredible, the people kind, and you aren’t quite as isolated as some of the near towns in the Front Range. Browse Evergreen Homes for Sale.

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Front Range Life in Kittredge, Colorado


Just a tiny bit up the way lies Kittredge, Colorado. Population: 1,304 in the 2000 census. If you are truly seeking seclusion, Kittredge could be a front range town for you to browse homes for sale. At lower price points, Kittredge offers small town life, with the “big city” of Evergreen just right down the way. True mountain men and women will love the laid back, low key lifestyle, more integrated into nature than many of the larger urban front range towns. WIth outdoor recreation abounding, living in Kittredge is quintessential Front Range beauty, linked with comforting small town charm. Browse Kittredge Homes for Sale.


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Houses in Pine and Pine Junction, Colorado


On the southern end of this collection of near-Denver, Front Range mountain towns, lie Pine and Pine Junction, Colorado. Again, wildlife abound, and having a herd of elk share your lawn is pretty commonplace. If you’re looking for a mountain home near Denver, Pine and Pine Junction could be ideal places for your search. Located next door to each other, Pine Junction has a bit more commerce, and Pine has a bit more spacious outdoorsy-ness. The big event in Pine each year is the annual Rhubarb Festival. Both are considered “bedroom communities” meaning that many of its residents live there, yet work elsewhere. There is only a small bit of commercial activity, but that is replaced by the extraordinary peace of the surrounding mountain ranges. Browse Pine and Pine Junction Homes for Sale.


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Finding a Home in the Front Range, Colorado


If you’re searching for homes near Denver, but in the mountains, consider Conifer, Evergreen, Kittredge, Pine and Pine Junction. They are all near to grocery stores (even a Whole Foods), art centers, recreation, wildlife and small town living, yet within an hour’s drive of huge Metro Denver.


Homes for sale in the Front Range are currently priced at more affordable levels (depending on what you’re looking for), as compared to the ever growing Denver metropolis. Yet luxury homes and cabins abound too, making it a perfect place for a second home or vacation home. In fact, many cabins and luxury homes in the area are used for just that purpose. Both full-time Front Range residents and occasional vacation visitors all enjoy the small town vibes and slow pace these mountain towns have to offer. Start your home search and browse MLS listings by clicking here



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