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Representing and protecting those who can’t, against a system stacked against them, in a language too foreign to comprehend regularly, let alone in “legal-ease” … thank you Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN). We need you so much right now.


(So grateful to our clients for choosing them for us to donate to.)


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Conscious Real Estate owner and founder Allison Parks (left) presents a donation to the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network.


Listen to this story….


“José*, originally from Mexico, has lived in the US with his family since he was 10 years old. His parents, wife and two children are all US citizens. After being arrested by immigration authorities and taken into detention, he attended RMIAN’s legal orientation presentation (LOP) at the GEO/ICE detention facility. 


After hearing the attorney describe the ways to become a US citizen, José opted to complete an individual intake with a RMIAN attorney. Through the general LOP and the individual intake, José learned he was actually a US citizen since he had automatically derived citizenship when his mother naturalized. 


The next day, José attended his first immigration hearing and told the immigration judge that he believed he was a citizen. He and his mother presented proof of his claim and the immigration judge terminated the removal proceedings. José was released from detention and reunited with his family. Without the LOP and RMIAN’s legal assistance, José would not have known his legal options and may have accepted deportation from the US and been separated from his entire family.”

Right Now, Immigrants in the U.S. are Terrified and Rightfully So. 

There’s a whole new spotlight on immigration as of recent decades and it seems there are stories of injustice every single day on the news (well, because there are). Can you imagine living a regular day, going to work, and never coming home to your family because you were apprehended by ICE officials and didn’t have proper representation? Even children are being rounded up and placed in unsuitable accommodations meanwhile receiving questionable respect to their human rights. 


The RMIAN works every single day to provide immigrants with the legal support that they might not otherwise have. As with any court case, no matter the topic, having an attorney knowledgeable in the law will help you immensely. For immigrants who may have little financial or familial support here, their non-native country, the organization can mean the difference in their lives, such as Jose* above, who may not have ever discovered that he was, in actuality, a U.S. citizen. 


Fight Social Injustice With Your Money. 

(You Can Donate and Work with Businesses that Do, Too)


Living consciously means using our dollars to support causes and businesses that are striving to make a positive impact on our world. That could mean organic, or small, local farmers, corporations that build schools, or real estate agencies that give back (hey, that’s us!). 


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Where we put our money, our energy flows. If you’ve been considering moving or buying your first home and have been looking into referrals from friends and family or searching online, but want to make an impact, try contacting one of our agents to get connected. We donate 10% of our own commission to a nonprofit of our clients’ choice. Where would you like to make a difference?

To learn more about RMIAN, click here. And, to meet one of our conscious real estate agents, click here.

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It’s an honor to be able to donate (again!) to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Clorado Coalition for the Homeless, Conscious Real Estate, Allison Parks, denver conscious businesses

Conscious Real Estate owner and founder, Allison Parks (left), presents a donation to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.


According to the Denver Better Business Bureau, about 90% of every donation to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless goes to programming. Which means that our Conscious Real Estate Donation (every time someone buys or sells a home) goes a long way towards helping change lives like this one:


Check out this video… (what an amazing story!)


What’s New with the Organization? Homes!


A former Quality Inn located in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver could be a new housing sanctuary purchased by the Coalition. If all goes to plan, it would be able to create 300 square foot apartment homes with a kitchenette and living space. For many homeless men and women, they will call these permanent homes. For others, it’s a gateway to the next level in life and helps them through a transitional period. 


To build micro-units like these brand-new, it could cost upwards of 300 million. In contrast, converting the motel rooms into more full living spaces will cost about a third of that estimate. The move would create 139 housing units. 


New Units Could Shorten the Wait List for Affordable Housing


Many homeless people are employed, which makes the strict check-in hours at many shelters an unattainable solution to housing. Government supported housing also has a long wait list. By adding the units, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will be able to help make that list a lot shorter, brightening the future for those who are able to move in. 


If all goes to plan, the Coalition hopes to begin work on the project later this month. This project would be the nonprofit’s 20th housing unit. Basing their research from Denver’s pilot social impact bond program, the organization says that stabilization for one of our most vulnerable populations aims to reduce repeat arrests and help people back on their feet.


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Buy or Sell a Home with Conscious Real Estate, and Give to Your Favorite Organization


If you have been supporting a nonprofit that is close to your heart for a long time, or if something is happening in the news now that you want to contribute to, one way you can make a big impact is working with Conscious Real Estate. When you buy or sell a home with us, we take 10% of our own commission and pay it forward to a charity that YOU decide. 


Learn about our previous donation to the Coalition here. We’re so grateful to be able to give to this great organization.


And, click here to donate to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Together, we  can make our community a better place for everyone!