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Have you been searching for properties online? Are you aware that Zillow and Trulia are not the best methods to search for properties?

When you search Zillow or Trulia, you are only viewing a fraction of available properties for sale. The homes for sale on Zillow and Trulia have been posted by real estate agents, although not all agents post their listings on these sites. Therefore, you will only be able to view a portion of what is currently available. Real estate agents WILL post their homes for sale on the MLS 99% of the time, making the MLS the most comprehensive place to search for properties.

But wait, there’s more… the MLS keeps real estate agents in compliance. If a property goes under contract or sells, the listing agent must update the listing in the MLS or they could lose access to this essential tool. Zillow and Trulia do not have such rules in place – therefore, many agents will not update their listings on these sites to let the public know that the property has gone under contract or has sold. These agents are hoping that you will inquire about their listings, so they will have the opportunity to reel you in as a client. So, not only is the MLS the most comprehensive place to search for homes for sale, it is also the most accurate.

Only real estate agents can search the MLS directly. However, the properties on our website are featured from the MLS. By setting up an account, you are able to browse properties as much as you would like and you can set up email updates for properties which meet your criteria of interest.

Set Up Your Property Updates

Or…let our experts set up a search directly from the MLS…

If you are less familiar with our local market, areas, price points, and neighborhoods and to ensure that you have the search that is best suited for your needs, let our experts set up a search for you directly from the MLS. Once you do this, you will receive custom emails containing properties which meet your criteria on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and you will be able to check into your MLS portal as much as you like.

Our agents will ask you the necessary questions to point your home search in the right direction, as well as answer any questions that you may have about searching for properties, our local market, and the home-buying process. Our agents will share their insights and market expertise to guide your property search and set up your search so that you have your own portal into the MLS. You will have our agent’s ongoing support to refine or modify your home search throughout the process. Simply call or email one of our brokers and let them know that you are interested in having an MLS property search set up – we will get you started!

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