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Representing and protecting those who can’t, against a system stacked against them, in a language too foreign to comprehend regularly, let alone in “legal-ease” … thank you Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN). We need you so much right now.


(So grateful to our clients for choosing them for us to donate to.)


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Conscious Real Estate owner and founder Allison Parks (left) presents a donation to the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network.


Listen to this story….


“José*, originally from Mexico, has lived in the US with his family since he was 10 years old. His parents, wife and two children are all US citizens. After being arrested by immigration authorities and taken into detention, he attended RMIAN’s legal orientation presentation (LOP) at the GEO/ICE detention facility. 


After hearing the attorney describe the ways to become a US citizen, José opted to complete an individual intake with a RMIAN attorney. Through the general LOP and the individual intake, José learned he was actually a US citizen since he had automatically derived citizenship when his mother naturalized. 


The next day, José attended his first immigration hearing and told the immigration judge that he believed he was a citizen. He and his mother presented proof of his claim and the immigration judge terminated the removal proceedings. José was released from detention and reunited with his family. Without the LOP and RMIAN’s legal assistance, José would not have known his legal options and may have accepted deportation from the US and been separated from his entire family.”

Right Now, Immigrants in the U.S. are Terrified and Rightfully So. 

There’s a whole new spotlight on immigration as of recent decades and it seems there are stories of injustice every single day on the news (well, because there are). Can you imagine living a regular day, going to work, and never coming home to your family because you were apprehended by ICE officials and didn’t have proper representation? Even children are being rounded up and placed in unsuitable accommodations meanwhile receiving questionable respect to their human rights. 


The RMIAN works every single day to provide immigrants with the legal support that they might not otherwise have. As with any court case, no matter the topic, having an attorney knowledgeable in the law will help you immensely. For immigrants who may have little financial or familial support here, their non-native country, the organization can mean the difference in their lives, such as Jose* above, who may not have ever discovered that he was, in actuality, a U.S. citizen. 


Fight Social Injustice With Your Money. 

(You Can Donate and Work with Businesses that Do, Too)


Living consciously means using our dollars to support causes and businesses that are striving to make a positive impact on our world. That could mean organic, or small, local farmers, corporations that build schools, or real estate agencies that give back (hey, that’s us!). 


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Where we put our money, our energy flows. If you’ve been considering moving or buying your first home and have been looking into referrals from friends and family or searching online, but want to make an impact, try contacting one of our agents to get connected. We donate 10% of our own commission to a nonprofit of our clients’ choice. Where would you like to make a difference?

To learn more about RMIAN, click here. And, to meet one of our conscious real estate agents, click here.

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It’s an honor to be able to donate (again!) to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Clorado Coalition for the Homeless, Conscious Real Estate, Allison Parks, denver conscious businesses

Conscious Real Estate owner and founder, Allison Parks (left), presents a donation to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.


According to the Denver Better Business Bureau, about 90% of every donation to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless goes to programming. Which means that our Conscious Real Estate Donation (every time someone buys or sells a home) goes a long way towards helping change lives like this one:


Check out this video… (what an amazing story!)


What’s New with the Organization? Homes!


A former Quality Inn located in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver could be a new housing sanctuary purchased by the Coalition. If all goes to plan, it would be able to create 300 square foot apartment homes with a kitchenette and living space. For many homeless men and women, they will call these permanent homes. For others, it’s a gateway to the next level in life and helps them through a transitional period. 


To build micro-units like these brand-new, it could cost upwards of 300 million. In contrast, converting the motel rooms into more full living spaces will cost about a third of that estimate. The move would create 139 housing units. 


New Units Could Shorten the Wait List for Affordable Housing


Many homeless people are employed, which makes the strict check-in hours at many shelters an unattainable solution to housing. Government supported housing also has a long wait list. By adding the units, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will be able to help make that list a lot shorter, brightening the future for those who are able to move in. 


If all goes to plan, the Coalition hopes to begin work on the project later this month. This project would be the nonprofit’s 20th housing unit. Basing their research from Denver’s pilot social impact bond program, the organization says that stabilization for one of our most vulnerable populations aims to reduce repeat arrests and help people back on their feet.


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Buy or Sell a Home with Conscious Real Estate, and Give to Your Favorite Organization


If you have been supporting a nonprofit that is close to your heart for a long time, or if something is happening in the news now that you want to contribute to, one way you can make a big impact is working with Conscious Real Estate. When you buy or sell a home with us, we take 10% of our own commission and pay it forward to a charity that YOU decide. 


Learn about our previous donation to the Coalition here. We’re so grateful to be able to give to this great organization.


And, click here to donate to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Together, we  can make our community a better place for everyone!


Trust a Vet.

Our real estate agents are also veterans who care about finding you the best VA eligible homes in Denver, along with the most quality VA financing and home homes, va home loans, search va eligible homes, homes for vets, va loan process

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Vets Pay 0% Down (No Down Payment) With Very, Very Low Interest Rates for VA Loans.

Kimberly McAleenan is a Navy Veteran and Real Estate Agent with Conscious Real Estate who cares about finding you the perfect home.

HINT: The VA loan process is EASY! (Kimberly helps every step of the way.)

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Can’t find what you’re looking for on our VA homes search? Email Kimberly for a complete listing of all VA approved homes to start your home buying journey today. Kimberly is an expert agent and Military Relocation Specialist.


We love veterans and would be honored to help you find the perfect VA home for you and your family. Start today, our expert veteran agents are here for you every step of the way.


Kimberly McAleenan is a proud veteran and real estate agent, knowledgeable in all aspects of the VA real estate process. Our Denver real estate agency is a socially responsible firm that donates 10% of our own commission to a local nonprofit of our clients’ choice, including many veteran supportive causes.

Make a difference today by choosing Conscious Real Estate as your VA real estate agency. We are located in Denver, Colorado. Our phone number is (303) 908-9873. We can also be reached by clicking here. Browse Denver homes for sale by clicking here. Learn more about us and our firm here

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“There are no bad days as a Realtor.” – Andrew Robertson, Conscious Real Estate Agent

You get to help clients find four walls and a roof they get to call “home” and the rest of it is just the details that get you there.  I strongly believe what sets us apart at Conscious Real Estate is the joy from buying or selling a home does not have to stop at the closing table.


Additionally, that day gives us the opportunity for an even greater moment. When we get to give 10% of a transaction’s commission to the non-profit of my clients’ choice. Each and every home bought or sold by a Conscious Realtor leads to vitally important funds being directed to worthy causes that impact the buyer or seller.


andrew robertson conscious real estate, conscious real estate, Denver real estate agency, denver real estate agency donations

Andrew Robertson presents one of two donations (totaling $1625) to the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.


Here’s how I was able to donate $1625.00 to the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association through our 10% Giving Program with Conscious Real Estate.


I met Tim and Andrea this past spring at a coffee shop meeting coordinated by a previous client of mine, Kevin.  Encouraged by their friend, Tim and Andrea trusted me to assist them in making the leap from renting a home they tolerated into a house they could make their very own.


After some serious house searching, when we walked into an adorably remodeled ranch, Andrea called off the search and planted her flag in the front yard. This one was THE one!  There couldn’t be a happier ending to this story. Except, there was.


You see, my son Sean was born April 18th with a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. The joy of bringing my son into this world was tempered by the difficulties we knew he would face. Shortly after his birth, we were contacted by an amazing woman named Meg who also has a son with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. Her calming presence, direct advice, and strong reassuring presence meant the world to my wife and I during a pivotal time.


When Tim and Andrea wanted to direct their donation to assist my son, I could think of no better place than to fund the mission of Meg and her colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.


I was able to meet with Mac (Executive Director) and Mary Ann (Outreach Manager) at RMDSA to set up a donation.  They could not have been more gracious in welcoming me into their office. They explained the different services that RMDSA can provide to families in situations similar to mine. I offered background into why Conscious Real Estate operates the way we do.  Mac said he tried to use his best poker face, but the check I was able to present them “was a big one.”


I have not had the pleasure of making a donation that was as well received as this one. Knowing how these funds could help families just like mine only doubled my happiness in the moment.


The work that goes into negotiating a home purchase of sale is often behind the scenes. A good real estate agent handles problems that arise. But a great agent anticipates and heads off potential issues before you even know about them.


The more public displays like this donation serve to strengthen my desire to be the best advocate I can be for my clients’ needs. In return, they get to make a lasting impact in a community of people who truly can use the help. Being a facilitator in that process only reinforces my original thought that there are no bad days as a Realtor.



Learn more about Conscious Real Estate Agent, Andrew Robertson, and our Giving Program by clicking here.
Conscious Real Estate donated almost 9 thousand dollars to local and global nonprofits in 2019 alone
Conscious Real Estate donated almost 9 thousand dollars to local and global nonprofits in 2019 alone

Contact Conscious Real Estate to work with a company that donates to local and global causes.

We’ve donated $10,161 to be exactly precise, and by the time we finish this article, we’ll hopefully have surpassed $11,000. (Update: We did!)


When we put the numbers out there, we seek to convey that we truly care about our community (global and local), and show it, with our giving program. These funds come directly from our individual real estate agents. This is their income, and what most agents would save for their own lives and families. Yet, with Conscious Real Estate, we do things differently. 


“Everyone needs a little love and it makes my heart explode with joy at the opportunity to have donated to so many wonderful non-profits. I absolutely love getting to do donations in person and watching peoples’ faces light up when they see our big check.” – Kimberly McAleenan, Conscious Real Estate Agent


We donate 10% of our own commission from each home sale or purchase, and give it to the cause that our clients’ choose. This results in a variety of donations (and often, as is the case with Freedom Service Dogs, Judi’s House, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation), we’ve donated twice and even three times to their organizations. 


Giving means everything to us, because when we give, we all receive. We’re all part of the same community when you take a big enough step back. And if only one or some of us is profiting, we’re losing the chance to share in the wealth and opportunity of the human experience.


We find it our absolutely duty to give. And we’re grateful to be a part of it. 


“Through our donations so far this year, I was able to see the bigger picture of the impact our brokerage is able to have in our community. It connects our real estate agency to our purpose. And, have been doing this long enough that several organizations have been able to receive repeat donations. We have donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation three times, Freedom Service Dogs four times, and Judi’s House twice.” – Allison Parks, Owner & Founder, Conscious Real Estate


Conscious Real Estate Owner and Founder Allison Parks writes out a donation check.

Conscious Real Estate Owner and Founder Allison Parks writes out a donation check.


Here’s a spotlight on the organizations that Conscious Real Estate has given donations to so far in 2019:


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – $2751.

Learning that you or your child has Cystic Fibrosis is devastating. The life expectancy is on average 37 years, though some live much longer (and, this age has drastically been expanded since the 1950’s when doctors said that there was “no cure” for CF). The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation seeks to fund research and programming to help children and adults living with CF. And, not just to live… to thrive! To have lives where they find love, adventure, joy, and a purpose in life, despite their genetic disease. 


Realtor Kimberly McAleenan presents a check to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through Conscious Real Estate's giving program.

Conscious Real Estate Agent, Kimberly McAleenan presents a large donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Our clients bought AND sold a home, making this donation extra large and extra impactful to the CFF. Funds are used to help support research and direct programming. It’s a cause close to our clients’ hearts, which is the case in all of our donations, and the beauty of our Conscious Real Estate donation program. You, the client gets to choose where we, your real estate agent, donates a portion of the commission we make from the sale or purchase of your home. Most agents would pocket this money as income, yet we firmly believe in donating 10% to a cause that you choose, and we have since the beginning of our company’s formation. Want to give too? Learn more here. 


Judi’s House – $775.

When we lose a loved one, as adults, we cope. Sometimes poorly, but we’ve usually had a few losses to know what it feels like and how to get through. When children lose a loved one, the word difficult can’t even describe the pain they experience. They need support to help them understand why life can be unfair, why some people leave us early, and how to find a smile and become a kid again (after processing their loss). 


Conscious Real Estate Agent Allison Parks presents a check to Judi's House an organization that helps children with grieving.

Conscious Real Estate Agent Allison Parks presents a check to Judi’s House, an organization that helps children with grieving.


Denver nonprofit, Judi’s House, helps grieving children. Their vision is that “no child should be alone in gref.” Through the generosity of donors, Judi’s House services are provided at no cost. That’s why our recent donation of $775 to this worthy cause meant so much. It means that Judi’s House can continue to offer resources to kids and families to help them get through what may be one of the hardest times in their lives. (Something else we love? Judi’s House Pathfinders Program. It’s a 10 week program focusing on art, play, and activities to help children and families cope with grief in a unique and gentle way. Learn more and donate here.)


Freedom Service Dogs – $1161.

We absolutely love donating to Freedom Service Dogs. We’ve actually donated several times to this paw-sitively (couldn’t help ourselves) awesome organization. FSD trains dogs to help vets with PTSD, people with disabilities to live more satisfying lives (having help for things like opening and closing doors and locating objects), and providing all participants with more freedom and independence, through the help of highly trained service dogs. 


Kimberly McAleenan realtor for Conscious Real Estate donates to Freedom Service Dogs

Conscious Real Estate Agent Kimberly McAleenan donates to Freedom Service Dogs.


What can they do? A lot. We’ve visited and seen it is action. For those with PTSD, a Freedom Service Dog can enter a home or building and “clear” the area, checking out every space and letting their owner know that they can safely enter. They can open and close doors, turn on and off lights, and even call 911 or press medical alert buttons. And, they provide companionship and emotional support for those struggling with the weight of their mental or physical limitations, giving them hope and friendship. A donation to FSD goes toward training new pups and keeping the doors open (which… coincidentally their service dogs can also literally do!). Learn more.


Allison Parks of Conscious Real Estate hangs out with a Freedom Service Dog

Allison Parks, Conscious Real Estate Owner and Founder, hangs with a Freedom Service Dog after presenting a donation.


Best Buddies – $833.

This one… Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization seeking to end the social, physical, and economical isolation experienced by those with intellectual disabilities. Best Buddies exists to help those with IDDs to know what it’s like to have a best friend, someone to have experiences with, to talk to, and to lean on. In so many cases, those with an IDD do not have the social experiences that so many of us (arguably) take for granted when it comes to friendships. 


Allison Parks of Conscious Real Estate donates to Best Buddies

Allison Parks of Conscious Real Estate presents a check to Best Buddies organization.


Donations to Best Buddies also supports the financial aspect of the organization where they advocate for and secure jobs for those with IDDs so that they can gain pride and make a living. Not only that, the organization also helps program participants to become public speakers, advocates and leaders. They are paving the way for inclusivity, and we are proud to be a part of it. Huge thanks to our clients who decided on Best Buddies for their 10% donation. We know it’s going to make a difference to an amazing group of people. They are people who add to the diversity and depth of our human experience here on this earth and deserve all the happiness, success, and financial security we can offer. Become a supporter of Best Buddies here. 


Blue Bench – $858.

As we are (finally!) now well aware, sexual assault is very prevalent in our society. In recent years, sexual assault and harassment have been brought to the forefront and are no longer ignored quite as much as they were before (there is still more work to do here). Yet the resources available for mental health services of any kind are still greatly limited. At the Blue Bench, counseling and support services are offered free or low-cost to those who are survivors of sexual assault and harassment. 


Receiving validation, helping understand what happened, finding empowerment, and maybe even a shred of hope after a traumatizing incident goes a long, long way. Blue Bench is a nonprofit that shares that vision. Through generous donations, they are able to retain their counseling volunteers and paid staff, run their programming, and extend outreach so that survivors know they have somewhere to turn. You never know when it could be you, or a loved one, that goes through a secual assault. We are grateful to our real estate clients for choosing the Blue Bench for their 10% donation. Thank you. For more information and to donate, click here. 


Cyclone Idai Fund (via UNICEF USA) – $1680.

The saddest part is you might not have even heard about Cyclone Idai. Yet, it is now considered the worst natural disaster in Southern Africa in nearly two decades. Between March 14 and 15 of 2019, the cyclone made landfall in Mozambique. It produced torrential rains and strong winds, killing more than 1,000 people and causing severe damage. The storm halted community growth and limited access to essential services. The economic impact, familial impact, and global impact of the cyclone are major and they need financial assistance.


Conscious Real Estate Agent, Rozlynn White’s clients chose this worthy cause to immediately help those affected by the disaster. As most of us know by now, funds are needed more than supplies when something like this happens. The money allows those who actively are working in the situation to choose which items and delegation of funds are needed, on the ground. Sending a large cash donation such as this one, means that people will be able to get what they need sooner and more reliably. Together, we can make a difference. And, our clients consciously chose to give to a cause that helps sustain human life. For that, we are in awe. To add to their donation, and more for information, visit UNICEF here. 


Lily Chiquet Strength Foundation – $1162.

Beginning in 2016, the Lily Chiquet Foundation was created to help support pediatric cancer patients. Inspired by Lily Chiquet, diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on her third birthday, this organization fund raises to that families can get high quality care. At just three, Lily endured so many painful treatments to try to cure her cancer. She fought for 10 months. Strong.


Just one year later, Lily unfortunately did not survive. This nonprofit seeks to honor her memory and fund raise for the many children affected by cancer right now. Conscious Real Estate Agent Andrew Robertson led this donation through the suggestion of his clients and our giving program. To learn more, and to donate, click here.


Food Bank of the Rockies – $941.

When you’ve gone through a hard time and have had to visit the Food Bank of the Rockies, you know the value of the work they do. It’s actually life sustaining, and we greatly need their services as a community. The Food Bank of the Rockies provides produce and non-perishable food items to individuals and families who would otherwise not have access to food. Oftentimes, families do not qualify for food stamps to shop at the grocery store, yet, will many times qualify for assistance through the Food Bank. This helps them literally survive with sustenance. 


Conscious Real Estate donates to Food Bank of the Rockies

Conscious Real Estate Agent, Kimberly McAleenan donates to Food Bank of the Rockies.


Our clients chose Food Bank of the Rockies to help others with what is considered a basic human necessity, and they are absolutely right. In our country (and the world), access to food is a disparity not caused by supply, but rather distribution. The Food Bank of the Rockies seeks to mitigate that inequity through its many locations and constant drive to provide food for low-income individuals and families, as well as those in severe temporary crisis. In addition to the homeless, which comprise about 10% of who the Food Bank feeds, they also help seniors on a fixed income, low wage workers, and children. Consider a donation yourself and learn more right here. 

Do you love what we do at Conscious Real Estate?


Then your heart and mind are right in line with our mission. Do you want to be a part of the giving culture?Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Contact one of our agents to begin. We’re conscious in more ways than one. Firstly, we work with you as the unique person you are. We match you with the most on par home or selling negotiation. And, we find you the neighborhood most in-line with your values and dreams. Subsequently, we provide the most genuine experience throughout. And at the end, you get to choose where the donation goes, making the experience full circle in giving. Ready to start? Click here. 


Conscious Real Estate Agents Kimberly McAleenan and Allison Parks

Conscious Real Estate Agent Kimberly McAleenan (left) with Owner & Founder Allison Parks (right) embarking on a day of donating.


Conscious Real Estate donates to local causes with every home purchase or sale.

Allison Parks and Kimberly McAleenan found this message on a day of donating through their giving program with Conscious Real Estate.


Conscious Real Estate Owner and Founder Allison Parks tries on a new look while on a day of donating.

Conscious Real Estate Owner and Founder Allison Parks tries on a new look while on a day of donating.


Conscious Real Estate agents Allison Parks and Kimberly McAleenan share smiles while presenting donations in Denver.

Conscious Real Estate agents Allison Parks and Kimberly McAleenan share smiles while presenting donations in Denver.


homes for sale, colorado houses, mountain towns near Denver, deer, rocky mountains, mountain range

Front Range Homes for Sale in Colorado | Let’s Explore!

front range homes, front range denver, denver houses for sale, denver homes for sale

Living in the Front Range near Denver can be a beautiful escape to call home.


Living in Denver has its pluses (and minuses). You get the urban environment, city life, and amazing views of the mountains beyond.


This might be enough Front Range life for you, or, if you’re seeking more solitude and nature, head just up the hills a bit and you’ll find a few gems of “cities” including: Evergreen, Conifer, Kittredge, Pine, and Pine Junction.


There are even more smaller towns, but typically when searching for front range homes for sale near Denver, most people end up there. Want to see deer and elk grazing in your lawn every morning? These are the spots for your home search.


Houses for Sale in Conifer, Colorado


Conifer, Colorado is located about 15 miles southwest from the outskirts of Denver. This makes it about a 45 minute or 1-hour drive to get from a home in Conifer to Downtown Denver. (And, it’s a beautiful, scenic one too.) Conifer was once home to the Arapaho, Ute and Cheyenne Native American tribes. Then in the late 1800’s, roads were carved and pioneers searching wealth and a homestead of their own began to make way into the area.


Nowadays, Conifer is a quiet, mountain town, still unincorporated, in Jefferson County. It’s a quiet life with beautiful mountain flowers, wildlife, and many hikes and outdoor recreation areas. At 8,000 feet, it is a bit higher altitude than Denver at 5,280 feet, yet still retains an amazing record of sunshine with an average of 255 sunny days per year. Home types vary, from luxurious mountain properties, to single family homes, as well as townhomes and condos. The median price for houses in Conifer is around $300,000, yet ranges widely depending on your preferences. Browse Conifer Homes for Sale.

Search Conifer Homes For Sale



Living in Evergreen: Single Family Houses to Luxurious Cabins


Just north of Conifer is the larger city of Evergreen where there are more shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Evergreen, Colorado is the largest of the near-Denver front range mountain towns. Located right off 1-70, Evergreen is a breeze to get to from Denver and even has public transportation to get you down into town when needed. As with all Front Range, higher elevation towns, you’ll want to make sure you have a vehicle or plan for heavy snow and weather during winter months. Yet, similarly to Conifer, Evergreen enjoys a majority of sunny days per year, and because it is only 3,000 or so feet higher than Denver, it still has a temperate climate during the Spring, Summer and Fall.


Homeowners in Evergreen can expect wildlife, a small town lifestyle, art and local craftsmen, coffee shops, local watering holes, yoga studios and a health-minded community. Front Range life is slower than the urban center of Denver just about 30 – 45 minutes away, yet still offers access to the city should you desire it’s amenities. Many Evergreen houses for sale are priced a bit more competitively than Denver-area homes for sale, which have skyrocketed in recent years.


The bonus of living in the Front Range? Land! You’ll usually be able to find more privacy than you would in Denver, sharing it occasionally with a docile (typically!), bear, moose, deer or elk. The views are incredible, the people kind, and you aren’t quite as isolated as some of the near towns in the Front Range. Browse Evergreen Homes for Sale.

Search Evergreen Houses For Sale


Front Range Life in Kittredge, Colorado


Just a tiny bit up the way lies Kittredge, Colorado. Population: 1,304 in the 2000 census. If you are truly seeking seclusion, Kittredge could be a front range town for you to browse homes for sale. At lower price points, Kittredge offers small town life, with the “big city” of Evergreen just right down the way. True mountain men and women will love the laid back, low key lifestyle, more integrated into nature than many of the larger urban front range towns. WIth outdoor recreation abounding, living in Kittredge is quintessential Front Range beauty, linked with comforting small town charm. Browse Kittredge Homes for Sale.


Search Kittredge Homes For Sale


Houses in Pine and Pine Junction, Colorado


On the southern end of this collection of near-Denver, Front Range mountain towns, lie Pine and Pine Junction, Colorado. Again, wildlife abound, and having a herd of elk share your lawn is pretty commonplace. If you’re looking for a mountain home near Denver, Pine and Pine Junction could be ideal places for your search. Located next door to each other, Pine Junction has a bit more commerce, and Pine has a bit more spacious outdoorsy-ness. The big event in Pine each year is the annual Rhubarb Festival. Both are considered “bedroom communities” meaning that many of its residents live there, yet work elsewhere. There is only a small bit of commercial activity, but that is replaced by the extraordinary peace of the surrounding mountain ranges. Browse Pine and Pine Junction Homes for Sale.


Browse Pine and Pine Junction Houses For Sale


Finding a Home in the Front Range, Colorado


If you’re searching for homes near Denver, but in the mountains, consider Conifer, Evergreen, Kittredge, Pine and Pine Junction. They are all near to grocery stores (even a Whole Foods), art centers, recreation, wildlife and small town living, yet within an hour’s drive of huge Metro Denver.


Homes for sale in the Front Range are currently priced at more affordable levels (depending on what you’re looking for), as compared to the ever growing Denver metropolis. Yet luxury homes and cabins abound too, making it a perfect place for a second home or vacation home. In fact, many cabins and luxury homes in the area are used for just that purpose. Both full-time Front Range residents and occasional vacation visitors all enjoy the small town vibes and slow pace these mountain towns have to offer. Start your home search and browse MLS listings by clicking here



Contact one of our Conscious Real Estate agents today to begin your search for homes in the Front Range.


We’re here to match you with the perfect mountain homes for yourself and your family. And, we donate 10% of every sale to a local nonprofit of your choice. Browse Front Range homes today and begin your journey into the mountains near Denver.


If you’re renting in Denver, and currently want to buy a home, you may be looking a little outside city proper because of the home price difference. And, if you’re moving here from somewhere else, like so many are, you might want to think about the ‘burbs. They have a lot to offer, and a lot to save, money-wise. Here is a little information on three of Denver’s most livable west and northwest suburbs.


Lakewood, Colorado


Lakewood was the destination for Denver’s wealthiest families to have their summer homes (er mansions), and farms. As urban sprawl crept, Lakewood was developed into a metropolis. Now, the city is actually putting up signs to differentiate it from neighboring Denver and it has truly been coming into its own in the last 30 years. It is suburban, but about 15 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from the foothills. This perfectly situated town offers many homes built from the 1950’s to present, including new construction, condos, and townhomes, yet Lakewood offers one more feature: mid-sized homes and more reasonable prices. It is not uncommon to find a home here for $350,000 (duplexes at $250,000), whereas in Denver, you would only be able to secure a condo (possibly), at the price of a home.


Arvada, Colorado


Did you know that the town of Arvada was named after a small island off the coast of Syria? Because of the leading citizen (Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth) and his wife’s decision to honor her brother-in-law, Hiram Arvada Haskin, Arvada got its name. The town originally was an afterthought from the failed gold finds in Denver, but became a strong agricultural community in time. Even now, it is “off the grid” from Denver, just a few miles north of the city, but enough to be called a “suburb.” And it’s a lovely one. With a unique downtown area, the historic “Olde Town”, it has an artsy vibe. The rest of the town consists of homes built from the 1950’s on up to new builds and even some farm land! With many reasonably sized homes in the offerings, so again, this suburb wins as far as price and size of home go – especially since you can reach downtown Denver in 20 minutes or have easy access to I-70 to get up to the mountains.


Westminster, Colorado


Just west of Arvada, we hit Westminster, another moderately priced (compared to the area) suburb. It does not have the cute downtown like Arvada, or shopping and dining center like Belmar in Lakewood, but living in Westminster means you are closer to halfway to Boulder (being next door to Broomfield). You would also be at a deluxe center of traffic avoidance being in the NW corner of the main highways. You are able to hop onto 36 to get to either the mountains or airport quite easily, or head to Boulder for a day trip in just over a half an hour or so. Getting downtown is about a 15 minute drive. It’s a great location, and homes at prices around $450K – $650K are available.


Finding a Home in the Denver Suburbs


Finding a home for sale in the Denver suburbs is easy. Just click here to start browsing. And, consider getting matched with an agent so that we can guide you as locals. We often compare real estate to dating, where we help you find that perfect home, taking into consideration all of the possibilities.


If you’ve been discouraged by Denver prices, consider setting an appointment with one of our agents to talk about the suburbs. Unlike other large cities, our suburbs are quite close to the center. One day, the “suburbs” will truly be a part of the whole, so getting into a home there now will help you start building your equity, which by all predictions, the market is set to continue increasing for all size homes in these areas.

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A guest post from Conscious Real Estate Agent, Kimberly McAleenan


freedom service dogs, kimberly mcaleenan, the conscious group, conscious real estate, denver real estate, denver nonprofits

Kimberly McAleenan (right), presents her donation to Freedom Service Dogs, with her client Brandon (right)


Freedom Service Dogs is an amazing organization!  


Even though we just missed the latest graduates of puppies, we got to hear all about them and the amazing things they do for their new human partners, even laundry!!!


Dogs are meticulously trained to match the needs of their new human companion and go through months and months of learning everyday tasks that can be difficult for some people.


Freedom Service Dogs helps Veterans and people with special needs get the help they need by providing them with incredible dogs. It costs around $70,000 to feed all of the dogs for 1 year, so every bit helps them out.

My client, Brandon has an adorable dog named Lilo. He comes from a military family, so he wanted the donation from his home purchase to support Veterans and animals.


This was such a fun donation and I really hope I can bring them more money in the future.

Congratulations Brandon and Lilo to being Colorado homeowners and thanks for picking me, Kimberly McAleenan with Conscious Real Estate and Freedom Service Dogs for your donation!

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About the Author: Conscious Real Estate is a local, philanthropic real estate agency dedicated to donating 10% of each agent’s own commission to a nonprofit of their clients’ choosing. Learn more.

belmar mansion, lakewood colorado, belmar, lakewood



Belmar in Lakewood, Colorado, is a thriving area many people shop and live near now, but it wasn’t always like that.


In fact, Belmar has received numerous accolades and awards for its development from a failing mall into a revitalized suburban “downtown.” The Urban Land Institute says that it “exemplifies the potential for transforming…suburbs into more diverse, compact, sustainable, pedestrian oriented and transit oriented communities.” Let’s learn a little more about Lakewood and how it all began.


A Little About Lakewood, Colorado


Lakewood, Colorado is a wonderful place to look when you are searching for homes for sale in Denver. Townhomes start around $250,000 and single family homes from $375,000 and up to the millions in Lakewood, Colorado. So, you can find a home a little closer to your budget if you need to. Similarly, your funds can go much further in Lakewood than they can in Denver. You can find yourself in a mansion in Lakewood, where you may have to compromise for a smaller home or even a town home in Denver. (PS, if you want to, you can browse for yourself right here.)


Lakewood, unlike older metropolis cities in the nation, is a close suburb to the main city of Denver. You can get to Lakewood from Denver, in no traffic, in about 15 minutes. On high traffic days, 30 – 45 minutes can be usual, yet in other parts of the city, it can take up to 2 hours to get across town. Lakewood is also situated next to the foothills, making it a breeze to get onto I-70 to get up to the mountains. Golden is also a hop, skip and a jump from Lakewood. It’s a great place for recreation and entertainment, as well as learning about our Colorado history.


Speaking of….


Back to the History… What was Belmar Before?


Well, back in the day…. Not too far back, but about 1936, ground broke on a replica of Marie Antoinette’s Petite Trianon Palace in France. After a year of construction, May Bonfils, the heiress of the Denver Post founder’s fortune (long story there), was able to move into her estate, yes, Belmar, located in Lakewood, Colorado. Many of the area’s affluent would build large estates outside of the city as natural escapes (including the famous Unsinkable Margaret “Molly” Brown) who had her summer estate right down the way from May.


belmar mansion, lakewood colorado, belmar, lakewood, mary bonfils

Left, Belmar Mansion, Right, Owner Mary Bonfils Stanton


The estate was gorgeous. Belmar Mansion had 20 rooms, including a walnut-paneled dining room, art salon, small chapel, fountain, boat house, flock of peacocks, and a working farm boasting award-winning black angus cattle. May Bonfils also had a solarium, and many pieces of furniture owned by famous people of the past such as a bed slept in by Marie Antoinette, a crested chair of Queen Victoria, and a piano played by a piano played by Frédéric Chopin. The tree-lined drive was wrought with iron fencing and metal shields reading: Belmar.


The stairway inside Belmar Mansion

Inside the Belmar Estate

A dining room inside Belmar Mansion


The view across Kountze Lake featuring Belmar’s fountain.

Belmar Embodies the Spirit of Giving


This beautiful dream home of May Bonfils was her pride. She helped conserve wildlife in the area and was generous about sharing the land with various organizations, especially the Girl Scouts, one of her favorite organizations. She created the Clinic of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado Medical Center, the library and auditorium of Loretto Heights College, the Bonfils Wing at the Denver Museum of Natural History, and the interior décor of the Catholic Chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy.


Belmar was originally located at the spot that is now 777 S. Wadsworth, in Lakewood. Now the home of the Ironclad Executive Office Park. Back then, there was no development aside from these estates, yet, as time went on, suburban sprawl began.


Perhaps it is sad that a glorious historical home was demolished to become a generic parking lot and office building. Yet, when May’s executor was approached about turning the home into a museum, he stated that museums were for the dead, homes were for the living.


belmar mansion, lakewood colorado, belmar, lakewood

Belmar area in 2013, being continuously developed.


Rather than allow May’s beautiful pride and joy to become a tourist attraction, he decided to donate the land to government and philanthropic organizations, beginning the grounds for the buildings that are there today, including the Belmar Library and City Hall.


Belmar in Modern Times


Ed Stanton, Mary’s second husband, long-time friend, caretaker, and trusted executor gave much of the estate to the Catholic Church and various charities that were favorites of May Bonfils Stanton. When some of the organizations were having trouble financially maintaining the properties, more of the land was leased to various entities. One of Stanton’s most notable and lasting impressions is his leasing of the area now known simply as “Belmar” but yet was once a shopping mall called Villa Italia. Is this why they have an Italian street fest every summer at Belmar? We’re not sure, but it could very well be a nod to the retail area’s predecessor.


The mall, Villa Italia, was a huge success at first. In fact, when it was built, it was one of the largest malls in the world. Built in 1965, malls were in their prime. In the early 1980’s, a second story was even added. Yet, by 2000, the mall, like many others across the country, were starting to fail. In 2002, Villa Italia was demolished to make way for a new, novel idea: a Downtown Lakewood.


Funny how they say, “And the rest was history!” when it was actually everything that came before, but hey, the rest was history (at least you probably know this part). It ended up being a huge success. It expanded the suburban offerings and added a residential cluster to the whole area. Property values increased and it added employment options for many Jefferson county residents.



Do you want to live in Lakewood? Browse real-time listings of homes for sale in Lakewood, Colorado by clicking here.


Resources & More Reading:

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Conscious Real Estate agents donate 10% of their own commission to a nonprofit of their clients’ choice. These awesome clients chose: The Gathering Place.


socially conscious businesses, socially conscious real estate, real estate, the gathering place, the gathering place denver, denver nonprofits, conscious real estate, kimberly mcaleenan, s

Kimberly McAleenan, Conscious Real Estate Agent, with the Hubbards, who chose The Gathering Place for their donation.


I had the most amazing joy helping Teri, Kyle and their daughter Kasey purchase their first home. The Gathering Place helped Teri get her life situated when she needed help and it felt incredibly full circle to be able to donate money back to them after Teri and Kyle closed on their home.” – Conscious Real Estate Agent, Kimberly McAleenan


The Gathering Place: A Refuge For Building Lives


The Gathering Place was a safe place for my kids and me to spend our days and get a good meal, while I tried to get back on my feet. I was pregnant at the time and I don’t know if I or my daughter would have survived without them. It’s very hard to better yourself without a support system. The Gathering Place filled that role for me. I can never thank them enough for all they did for us!” -Teri, a former Gathering Place member, current amazing human.


A Denver Non-Profit Gets a Boost From Conscious Real Estate


Conscious Real Estate is a local real estate agency that loves their clients and the community, showing it in a big way by personally donating 10% of every commission to a nonprofit of their clients’ choosing. This programming allows for large, lump sum donations that make a big difference for the nonprofits they pick.


For the recipient charities, this can help one more person into the program, help purchase supplies, secure a contractor, help with building maintenance or any of their current needs. You’ve heard it before, but sharing is caring and at Conscious Real Estate, we are honored to be a part of supporting the nonprofit community here in Denver.


Donations Aid Programming…. Like This One! (Yep, They Do Even More!)


On top of all the amazing things The Gathering Place does for people, I love that they have an artist program that allows people to create art and cards. The art/cards are then sold and the artist gets the majority of the money. I bought a bunch of these cards, not just because the money supports a good cause and helps the people who created them, but also because the art was fantastic!” – Conscious Real Estate Agent, Kimberly McAleenan


Donations can help nonprofits expand into new areas. Such as social enterprise. Art Restart is a new way for homeless women to make money (they make 50% commission on their art, the rest goes back to The Gathering Place to support programming), and get a sense of acknowledgment and accomplishment for their artistic skills through their custom and original greeting card program. Find out more about Art Restart (or purchase some cards!), right here.


Learn More: 

Our Giving Programs
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Donate to The Gathering Place