Zonta Club of Denver : A Day of Film

zonta-clubMary Benoit, President, Zonta Club of Denver

The Zonta Club of Denver stands up for women worldwide, seeking to improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women, both globally and locally. Since 1927, the group has raised over $2 million toward the cause.

Recently, the Zonta Club held a fundraiser at Sie Theater to raise awareness and highlight a brutal cultural practice that continues to this day – Sati.

In some Hindu communities, a recently widowed woman either voluntarily, or by force or coercion, commits suicide as a result of her husband’s death.

The practice varies in how it is performed and perceived, however in most cases, the woman is thought to have brought upon her husband’s death by negative actions in her previous life or lives. The thought is that if she honorably burns herself to death alongside her husband, she will erase the shame she has brought upon her family and restore abundance and good will in future reincarnations.

Sadly, many of the women are forced into this practice, leaving behind their children and suffering an unthinkable and painful demise.

sie-film-centerZonta Day of Film at Sie Theater in Denver

The Zonta Day of Film brought home this alarming practice in a fictional story of one family who is torn apart by a father’s death and a mother’s sati. Later, hope is restored when bv chance, the mother’s only son happens to find her in a cave while tending his small herd of cattle. She had escaped in the night as the flames began to engulf her and dove into the river. Together, with the help of family members, mother and son were able to escape their community and tell their tale.

Sati was formally outlawed in 1920, however the practice continues to this day. And, in 1987 was brought to the media’s attention when an 18-year-old woman committed sati in the name of her husband.

At Conscious Real Estate, we are committed to giving back to organizations like Zonta Club. We donate 10% of our own commission to a non-profit of our client’s choice. We’d love for you to consider Zonta Club of Denver and also to spread the word about Conscious Group. Together, we can make an impact.

To set up a free consultation with one of our realtors, please email: allison@theconsciousgroup.com or kim@theconsciousgroup.com or, call us at 303-908-9873 and mention this article!

For more information about the Zonta Club of Denver, please visit: www.zonta-denver.org.

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