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A good nonprofit seeks to solve problems with creative solutions.  Denver nonprofit, Yard Harvest does just that.  Yard Harvest connects with local homeowners who have a surplus of produce on their fruit trees and vines.  Volunteers harvest the produce, leave a portion with the homeowners, and deliver the rest to daycare centers, homes for the elderly, community kitchens, and other charities that serve people around Denver who are at risk of going without fresh, healthy food.  They also partner with organizations that conduct educational workshops with the produce, providing much needed skills such as canning, cooking, and otherwise preserving and preparing fresh, healthy food.  In 2012, they delivered 3000 pounds of fruit to a variety of organizations.

If you would like to participate in the efforts of Yard Harvest, you can register your yard for harvest, volunteer, or donate.  Or, if you know of a nonprofit who could distribute the fruit to people in need, you may contact Yard Harvest to receive produce.  As always, if you or someone you know is buying or selling a home, Conscious Real Estate contributes 10% of every commission to nonprofits, and we would love the opportunity to support the efforts of Yard Harvest.

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