Rocky Mountain Highs – Information for Summer Hiking in Colorado

    One of the many qualities that makes Denver such an amazing city to call “home” is our close proximity to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  Perhaps that’s one reason the Denver economy and housing market have outpaced those in states given what a desirable city we live in!
     As summertime temperatures bring and end to much of our snow pack and the mud season that temporarily follows, now is the perfect time to begin getting out and taking advantage of all that make the Rockies so majestic–particularly as wildflowers begin to bloom and long summer days await.  The Rockies are quite impressive indeed and boast more land mass above 10,000 feet than any other state, in addition to the Continental Divide and 55 peaks exceeding 14,000 feet–know commonly as “14ers” among locals, of course.
For those ambitious enough to want to conquer any of Colorado’s 14ers, you’ll definitely want to be in good physical condition, carry proper layers of clothing and plenty of water, and get an early start to avoid afternoon thundershowers. Detailed directions, trailhead information and current conditions can be found on the “official” 14ers website.

Man stands alone on top of a mountain

    If wanting to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors a bit closer to home, there are plenty of scenic hikes to enjoy right in our own backyard that range from relaxing to challenging.
     And if you prefer the company of your 4 legged friends, there are quite a few off-leash trails that are dog friendly in the Denver area.  Boulder County also has a number of off-leash hiking trails for dogs who have received a “green” tag from the local Animal Control for demonstrating basic dog obedience and call/response capabilities.
     Finally, another great resource for those of you seeking maps, trail books, or detailed in-person information on day or overnight hiking trips is the US Forest Service Desk located within the REI flagship store downtown Denver.
     We hope to see you all out there enjoying a trail soon!
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