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Shit Real Estate Agents Say To Get You To Hire Them #4: You should work with me because I can sell your home for a super freaking impressive amount more than any other real estate agent.

(Another Sweary Real Estate Post by Allison Parks) Note: This is the fourth post in a series.   If you are interviewing multiple agents to list your home, you may find yourself in a situation where several agents say that your home should sell around, for instance, $460,000. Another agent comes in and says they can […]


In Defense of the Environment: The Environmental Defense Fund

  Let’s Face It, The Numbers Matter! The Environmental Defense Fund has been making economically sound environmental advanced and recommendations since its inception. Focusing on environmental issues in a financial angle has helped this nonprofit advance science in a way that also appeals to the fiscally-minded politicians who help shape the laws in our country. […]

Direct Relief: Emergency Help in Crises

Life Saving Medical Aid: Without Regard to Politics, Religion or Ability to Pay When a tragedy strikes that is so great it dominates the daily news around the world, it is impossible to ignore the needs of those affected. Natural disasters and war have so often been the cause of that suffering, forcing families to […]

Judi’s House: Door’s Open!

A truly Colorado organization, former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese was inspired to found Judi’s House, named after his mother Judi who passed away from breast cancer when Brian was only 12 years old. Most of us remember our first loss. But most of us were a bit older the first time we experienced it. As […]