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How to Know if a Real Estate Agent is Any Good – Part 1

Clearly, finding a good real estate agent is an issue. If  you google “how to find a good real estate agent,” you mostly find articles on how to identify a bad real estate agent… and for good reason. There are more shitheads in the real estate industry than in the White House. (As we all […]


Conservation Colorado: A Diverse Voice Makes a Seat at the Table

Conscious Real Estate donates 10% of all home sales and purchases to a local nonprofit of their clients’ choice. Thank you to Sean and Marissa Laven for choosing Conservation Colorado and Conscious Real Estate. “Welcome to Colorful Colorado,” the sign reads. Colorado is a beautiful state full of natural beauty and color. Conservation Colorado is […]

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Should You Buy a Home or Keep Renting? Is Buying a House Right For You?

Buying a home can be a major responsibility. If something breaks, you fix it. You have upfront costs. You have to fill out paperwork. And then you have to fill out more paperwork. And then, just when you thought you were done… you guessed it! Even. More. Paperwork. Many personal finance bloggers who are way […]